Orthodontic Solutions in Pak Dentistry can Enhance Your Smile and Health!

During a biannual appointment with Dr. Pak, your dentition is assessed for orthodontic issues. Dental conditions that can warrant orthodontic treatment include, overcrowded teeth, protruding teeth that cause speaking difficulties, malocclusion (poor bite position), under or over bites, facial imbalance and more. Patients may also initiate a consultation with Dr. Pak at his dental practice about the ways in which they can improve their smile in his Copiague office.

Not only can crooked teeth and a poor bite position negatively impact your self-esteem, but many health risks are involved with orthodontic issues. Difficulties breathing, speaking and chewing along with frequent headaches, and jaw or neck tension can occur as a result of improperly aligned teeth. To combat these issues, Dr. Pak provides a number of different orthodontic solutions that have qualities designed to benefit varying degrees of orthodontic problems. 

What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis and prevention of poorly positioned teeth and jaws. Using modern technology and specific dental devices, orthodontic treatment can properly align the teeth and prevent further health concerns. Dr. Pak is an Associate Fellow of GP Orthodontics and is capable of identifying signs of malocclusion, diagnosing the problem, creating a comprehensive treatment plan and ensuring the patient’s thorough understanding of their treatment, all while using the latest in dental technology.

Available Orthodontic Solutions

At Pak Dentistry, we provide multiple orthodontic solutions in order to individualize our patient care as much as possible. The treatments we provide are not one-size-fits-all solutions to orthodontic problems, and we aim to find a method that will benefit your dental health specifically.

We offer the following orthodontic options: 


  ClearCorrect consists of a series of clear aligners that work to straighten the teeth. The treatment works as an alternative to metal braces and are virtually invisible when worn. Each aligner is worn every day (except when eating and drinking) for a three-week period. ClearCorrect allows wearers to enjoy the foods and drinks that they love and practice a normal oral hygiene routine.


  Fastbraces offers both metal and ceramic solutions for orthodontic issues and provides complete treatment in a matter of weeks or months. Patients who don’t wish to commit to the longevity of metal braces can receive straighter teeth more quickly with Fastbraces. Cosmetic cases takes weeks to complete, while more complex orthodontic cases take only months.

Traditional metal braces


 Metal braces use steel or titanium brackets, archwire and elastic to bind the teeth and gently move them into an aligned position. Recent innovations in technology have created braces that are flatter and more comfortable to wear, and many patients choose to wear this more traditional option for more severe orthodontic problems.

Clear braces

 Clear braces are the same size and shape as traditional metal braces and have all of the same hardware (brackets, archwire and elastic), but use only tooth-colored or clear brackets to more suitably blend in with the smile. Clear braces are a great compromise for those who do not qualify for clear aligners, but who wish to maintain their regular appearance as much as possible.

Tooth extractions are only performed when it would absolutely benefit the alignment of the teeth. Otherwise, Dr. Pak prefers to maintain natural teeth to enhance the most natural qualities in a patients smile. 

Receiving Treatment at Pak Dentistry

In order to determine the best orthodontic treatment for your smile, we recommend scheduling an initial appointment to examine your dentition. Dr. Pak can perform a dental examination, locate areas of malocclusion as well as any dental deformities and suggest the corrective measure that will be the most effective. Dr. Pak will explain your options to you in an understandable manner so that you are able to make an informed decision about your oral health, and once you come to a decision, he will move forward with your treatment.

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