Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

The smile is an important part of our health, and when teeth are missing, our daily life is impacted. From chewing to smiling, your ability to feel confident in your oral health is limited. Dental implants, however, provide a dental treatment solution that can bring confidence back into the smile, and restore normal tooth structure for optimal oral health. This advanced treatment can be applied to many smiles, helping adults and seniors regain what they lost.

Why Dental Implants?

As opposed to traditional methods of restoring teeth, dental implants provide the most natural-looking and long-lasting way to rebuild dental function. The treatment process allows for missing teeth, or teeth about to be extracted, to be completely replaced. Whether you have individual teeth absent throughout the smile, or whole rows of teeth, implants provide the opportunity to fill the gaps.

Relieving Discomfort and Restoring Function

Implant posts are biocompatible prosthetics, made from titanium. This quality material is not only resilient to pressure and wear, but also fuses to bone tissues through a process called osseointegration. An unfortunate side-effect of losing teeth is bone loss, where the jaw bone resorbs material because it no longer supports a tooth root. Implant posts can be looked at as artificial tooth roots, which actually encourage the jaw bone restoration. Without the support of these tooth roots, the jaw bone weakens, aging the face considerably due to its shrunken size. Implant posts are placed directly into the jaw bone, offering permanent support for dental restorations.

After implants are placed, you have the chance at regaining structure, supporting daily use of your teeth and protecting dental function. Implant-supported restorations then provide a beautiful smile, one that is matched to fit your personal dental needs. 

Helping Patients Have a Comfortable Smile

Traditional dentures and partials are not always the ideal way to replace teeth. They can fall out while talking, cover the palate, and become loose over time. On the other hand, implant-supported restorations do not fall out and give full freedom to the jaw. If they need to be adjusted or cleaned, your dentist can do so with ease. Also, patients can get implant restorations that are removable, allowing for the convenience of a traditional denture with the support of a fixed one.

On the whole, patients who want more permanent support and comfortable use of their smile can benefit from dental implant treatment.

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